Elizabeth Horowitz

Fine Art Watercolors

Neuroabstractions - Artist's Statement

The connectedness of the universe, the anastomatic or branching system, the play of background/foreground, the concept of where the mind dreams, creates and ideates captivated Horowitz as she began to paint Neuros or Neuroabstractions™ in watercolor. Horowitz named (and copyrighted) this concept of abstract realism as Neuroabstraction.

Horowitz's goal is to create watercolors that are both real and abstract. The images challenged Horowitz to go beyond traditional, transparent watercolor and reach for watercolor pencil, watercolor crayon, acrylic, fluorescent gouache and metallic watercolor to meet her goals. The results are like nothing seen before and have been visually exciting to laymen, scientists and lovers of art.

The brain, as a subject, offers the challenge of visually featuring opposites and middle ground such as: simplicity and complexity, foreground and background, similar and different, and integration and segregation. Between black and white there is a lot of gray matter. It is this gray area, a middle ground or in-between territory, halfway between trivial realism and randomness (or extreme abstraction such as in the work of abstract expressionists) that Horowitz strives to capture in transparent watercolor.